The Woodfield Story

From the moment that Woodfield Investments was launched in early 2005, we knew we’d do things differently. Founders Mike Underwood and Greg Bonifield (hence the Woodfield name) had both worked for several years in an established real estate investment trust. Joined by other colleagues in the firm and in the region, we knew we’d be nimble and build Woodfield based on the depth of experience of the principals — as well as on our tight focus on the development of luxury apartment communities.

We are proud of the success that has followed and the collaborations made. Instead of bringing construction and property management in-house at Woodfield, we use our local knowledge and relationships to source the best contractors for each project. And by engaging like-minded investors, contractors and creative partners, we’ve developed more than 30 communities (so far), all of superior quality. Rather than a cookie cutter approach, each is custom-designed to be a welcome addition to the community — and to be of lasting value.

Woodfield has indeed charted its own path. We leverage our local knowledge and relationships in each community, and our model is time-tested with profitable results for investors. That includes navigating, together, through the last recession, and emerging even stronger as a unit.

While our work began in the Carolinas (Raleigh and Charleston markets) and Washington, D.C. area; these days some of our newest investments are in developments in south Florida, greater Philadelphia, and in the mountain view city of Greenville, South Carolina.

We invite you to visit any of the Woodfield projects and communities and get to know us. We look forward to meeting you.